Obi (HVLs Robotic Edit)

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  1. Obi™ is the first teachable robotic device that blends cutting edge robotics, elegant design, intuitive controls and personality. This creates an enjoyable and dignified dining experience for those who rely on a .
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  4. May 14,  · Obi is a robotic assistive eating device which works by automating the motion of a human arm and becomes an extension of the diner, allowing them to select the food of their choice and dictate the pace at which the food is fed to them.
  5. Obi Robot, Dayton, Ohio. K likes. An intuitive robotic feeding device revolutionizing assistive care and providing you a higher, happier quality of life.
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  7. Oct 09,  · Obi Robot in Dayton helps people who lack upper extremity motor control feed themselves, restoring a sense of autonomy and accessibility. “We designed a robotic device to provide a more independent dining experience for individuals who are unable to do so on their own.
  8. The Obi is a simple yet savvy way to help people with disabilities be themselves. That sounds cheesy, but eating is important and it’s nice to be able to choose what and when you eat, or if you want to cut yourself and your caregiver a break by eating all on your lonesome — .

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